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LDLo3003untitled-psIt’s completely different out here today. The glass like finish of the lake has been replaced by foot high waves headed right at our shore. The stiff breeze gains strength on the way through the gap and across the open water.

Every moment of today progresses at a leisurely pace. I wander, with a coffee cup in hand ,watching the lake and seeking its many faces. We watch the weather fronts come and go and eventually make a decision to take the canoes out. LDLo-2941untitledWe follow a winding river and watch the lazy grasses moving in the water. A beaver swims slowly, but with purpose, across its surface. The “v” of his wake spreads out behind him. He and his cousins appear to have been busy building dams. The shore is lined with white and black spruce and poplars and pointed stumps indicative of a beaver harvest.LDLo-2943untitled-2

We raft the canoes to share snacks – trail mix, cheese, cucumber, fruit chunks and sunshine. Out of the wind, it is a perfect day in an astoundingly beautiful place.

LDLo-2949untitledWe head back to the beach in front of the cabin as the sky darkens.  The rain is moving towards us from the mountains and across the lake so we carry the canoes well up from the water’s edge and drag the motor boat further inland.

The light is constantly changing. The rainbow reflections of last night have been replaced by grey seas.

Too soon it is time for supper again. Merlot accompanies the steak and caesar salad.  Butter tarts finish off the meal. A mosquito-ridden walk along the shore,

Banjo Bonnie

Banjo Bonnie

a banjo lesson (I’m hopeless), and its time for bed as we plan a 5am start to photograph in the morning light.