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LDLo-2836untitled-psI awoke to the snap of a mouse trap and a scream from Elizabeth when a Micky- type critter ran through her hair. Since I am awake anyway I step out into the dining room to check the light. It’s still too early so before I am entirely awake I make my way back to my bunk.

Around five, an orange blurry vision….Mike… sticks his head into my room and proclaims the light to be great. My feet hit the floor and I am dressed and ready before my eyes have focused. Laden with cameras and tripods, I walk to the beach and soak in the awakening day. It is cool and fresh and peaceful. And oh, so quiet.

LDLo-2997untitledOnce the first light has passed, it’s time for breakfast followed by a walk through the woods to the Kraus Memorial…a simple testament to a hardy man and a life style that is almost lost. The trail is soft and spongy and unpredictable under foot. Tiny yellow flowers brighten the shoreline. Busy bees seem to be rolling in seas of pollen. Ravens follow us home.LDLo-3012untitled

The wind last night must have brought the deep waters ashore as the lake, today, is more than refreshing! Once wet, the routine for hair washing included filling a bucket, going far ashore, soaping up and then having someone inspect that all the soap was thoroughly rinsed off before taking a second plunge. The process probably wouldn’t meet pollution free standards but it wasn’t bad!

Bonnie with a great show of patience, gives me my next banjo lesson. This is going to take awhile!LDLo-untitled

After lunch we take the boat to the far shore. The reflections and colours are mesmerizing. The striations in the four thousand foot cliffs are perfectly duplicated in the lake. This place is powerful and close to overwhelming.LDLo2-2868untitled

I hike the scree on the beach and pass an idyllic afternoon photographing and swimming. Then unexpectedly, the wind picks up and we rush to load everything and everyone into the boat and tie the canoes on behind. LDLo-1untitled-2Elizabeth hops in one of the canoes to give it some weight and we head for the far shore. Mid-lake the wind is forming sizable waves and one threatens to overturn the canoe. Fast action on Mike’s part brings Elizabeth on board, and he then empties the canoe across the stern. It was a tricky crossing that ended well.LDLo-3065untitled

Another scrumptious meal, a leisurely evening and then we are jolted into action by another mouse that moves with lightening speed under the table. It’s time to pack up. Tomorrow morning we fly to the fabled Nahanni.