Peru 2015-7335-Edit-2November 10, 2015 – Cobourg, Ontario to Miami, Florida

I locked the front door at 1:17 pm.

David, the driver from my jitney service was late. I was anxious.

All morning the rain had been holding off. I wasn’t looking forward to a torrential downpour that would see me sitting on the 401 somewhere near Yorkdale studying my watch as my flight time got closer and closer.

As it happened, the rain didn’t start until Pickering, and it wasn’t heavy. David wound his way through stop and go traffic, dodging potholes and major truck spray. By 3:15 I was in line for my WestJet/American Airlines flight to Miami. A 737 stuffed to the gills took us through driving rain into the skies over Toronto. As I settled back, the Captain came on the intercom to inform us that in two hours and thirty–seven minutes we would step off the plane into 84 degrees weather …yes!

As we reach cruising altitude, I rummage in my carry on, the personal item that you get to store at your feet these days, and pull out “Tears of the Moon”, a book that I found yesterday on the “free” shelf at the Cobourg Library. My plan is to read my way through take offs and landings and leave it somewhere in Peru where the locals who were looking to improve their English might enjoy it. Alternatively, I could trade it for something that would be good for my not so great Spanish. I’m only a hundred pages in when we start our descent into Miami. It’s a big book.

I deplane and head out for Carousel #27 to reclaim my luggage. I’m convinced it is at the most remote place in this huge terminal. Already I’m fading under the twenty–two pounds of camera equipment I have on my back.

Getting to Miami is only stage one of my journey to Peru. Eight friends will eventually be together on the Delfin I on the Amazon. For now six of us will travel overnight to Lima and do a pre-Amazon visit to the southern parts of the country including Paracas, the Ballestas Islands and Lake Titicaca. The others are scheduled to join us in Iquitos.

The adventure begins.